Leunig & Farmer Eyecare Melbourne

Leunig & Farmer Eyecare Melbourne

Welcome to Leunig & Farmer Eyecare

Leunig & Farmer Eyecare is an Australian eye care facility famous for its specialisation and skills in optometry. From the time we birth the idea of Leunig & Farmer Eyecare, we are proud of each milestone we attain and our optometric practice achievements in Australia. Leunig & Farmer Eyecare truly set the standards unbeatable by most clinics. This milestone can only be credited to our clinic staff, who are very hardworking, diligent, professional, and skilful.

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What We Offer:

Eye Care

One of the purposes for which the Leunig & Farmer Eyecare clinic was formed was to provide adequate eye care services. Eye care includes services such as eye testing, prevention, and treatment of eye diseases. We provide a deep eye examination and diagnosis report and eye problems treatment, including glasses fitting, lens customisation, and provision of various eyewear accessories. At Leunig & Farmer Eyecare clinic, we also engage in sensitisation through public campaigns, eye education, and other health support.

Behavioural Optometry

Optometry is another branch of eye clinic that examines vision in line with its demands. Visual demands include exercises such as writing, reading, and watching a thing on the screen. The branch explains that what you interpret about your vision is more than what you see and how clear you see it. We established this unit to further our goals to help individuals overcome visual problems through prevention campaigns and provide adequate vision treatment.


Leunig & Farmer Eyecare is your one-stop eyecare facility in Australia that provides numerous services. Our charges are affordable and periodically offer free services. By consulting with Leunig & Farmer Eyecare, you are privileged to a certain number of benefits.

Eye Health

It is vital to keep the eye healthy like the body. Hence, there are general tips that ensure this, which include good eating habits. For instance, foods contain nutrients that help the body to function properly well. Among these nutrients, some elements exist that can aid good vision, such as Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, vitamins C and E.

Making A Difference

One of the purposes of Leunig & Farmer Eyecare is to help Australians resolve their eye problems and, therefore, has taken part in several community projects, which include the 2012 PNG Eyecare, the 2009 PNG Second Vision Centre Development, the 2008 Eyeglasses Donations, and the 2008 Optical Workshop.

Leunig & Farmer Eyecare Melbourne