Leunig & Farmer Eyecare Melbourne


What You Stand to Gain

Leunig & Farmer Eyecare is your one-stop eyecare facility in Australia that provides numerous services. Our charges are affordable and periodically offer free services.

By consulting with Leunig & Farmer Eyecare, you are privileged to a certain number of benefits which include

Quality Sales of Accessories

We are retailers for sales of eye wears and accessories produced within and outside Australia. We scrutinise each product based on specific influential considerations such as the brand, the material type, among others.

Eye wears, especially glasses, are bought non-medicated, and thus, we are saddled with the responsibility of converting to recommended products for various conditions.

Examples of eye accessories include eyeglasses, contacts, blinker, sunglasses, goggles, etc.

Warranties on Eye Wears and Accessories

We provide two years warranty on all our products except budget frames. Also, the warranties are unconditional.

Other eye accessories, including sunglasses, carry a manufacturer’s warranty, and our prescriptions can last for two months.

Service Based on Values

Our services are governed by various principles and values, which include

Honesty and Accountability

One of the oaths sworn to as a medical officer is to keep interactions with patients confidential. Through this, you can ultimately earn their trust.

Also, patients learn to trust clinicians when they are transparent in their dealings, and they can determine their reliability in their interactions. Hence, any clinician must act responsibly and adhere to laid down principles.

Good Interaction and the Doctor-Patient Relationship

A good relationship is formed by paying close attention to complaints by patients and resolving their problems. This relationship is necessary to create a relaxed atmosphere for the patient.

Respect and Professionalism

Adding respect and professionalism contributes to the integrity of any workplace. We respect our patients and partners and maintain a high professional relationship with them.

Quality Service

We can only achieve our goals and mission statements through quality service delivery. Also, quality service assists us in building an excellent reputation.

Great Partnership Offers

Our facility signed a contract with the Australian Government’s Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) scheme to provide eyeglasses and consultation services.

The partnership offers free eye wears and accessories to veterans. Also, we are open to more partnerships and sponsorships that are not within the veterans’ affairs rules.


Medicare is a product of another partnership with the Federal Government, but this involves the department of public health. The Australian Government, through the Medicare scheme, provides free medical consultation. Also, the Government offers rebates to cover Aussies’ consultation fees.

There are other privileged persons by the Government, such as pensioners, that enjoy additional benefits.

Furthermore, the clinic facility is equipped with various tools and modern equipment for proper diagnosis and testing. We carry out sensitisation programs from time to time which includes free surgical procedures, eye tests, free eyeglasses distribution, or free consultation as the case may be.

Finally, the facility provides solutions based on personal needs on demands. You can access our websites 24/7, and emails are replied to a day or two from their receipts. Get started by filling the form below or sending us a mail.