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One of the purposes of Leunig & Farmer Eyecare is to help Australians resolve their eye problems and, therefore, has taken part in several community projects, which include

2012 PNG Eyecare

In 2012, there were significant changes in eye care practice in PNG with the return of John Farmer, who just finished studying in Papua New Guinea. His first official positions include being an education manager with Fred Hollows Foundation and Head of a unit at the eye care department in the University of Madang.  He took and coordinated post-graduate classes on Eyecare.  Most of the students graduated and were inducted into the medical profession as Ophthalmic Clinicians.

His activities cause eye care courses to become famous and boost persons’ interest in the field. Therefore, it increases the number of eye care specialists in Australia and removes staff scarcity stigma plaguing society for a long time.

2009 PNG Second Vision Centre Development

Before 2012, John Farmer returned from Papua Guinea and decided to provide more support to the vision centre via training. The vision centre is located in a general hospital and aids community members to get adequate eye care via free examinations or tests run at a reduced fee.

The project is a successful one as it attracted many audiences to it each day. Other centres became established through ICEE sponsorships (International Centre for eyecare education)- a non-profit organisation in Australia that is equally concerned about people’s welfare.

2008 Optical Workshop

John Farmer officially launched an optical workshop in an eye clinic located in Port Moresby. The workshop was a combination of staff and management efforts and the ministry of health in Papua Guinea.

This workshop marked the existence of the vision centre before its official launch in subsequent years. The local community also contributed to the seminar’s success by offering their support and cooperating with staff.

2008 Eyeglasses Donations

In 2008, Leunig & farmer eyecare proudly gave out several hundreds of eyeglasses in different frames to the optical workshop. This project, undertaken in New Papua Guinea, helped a lot of people discover the importance of eye care.

In essence, John Farmer lived his whole life, promoting eye care activities through various strategic partnerships and workshops. His contributions would forever remain evergreen in the history of vision centre developments in Australia.

Apart from John Farmer, Leunig & farmer eyecare also form partnerships with others, including Ken Thomas and Markus Ochsenbein.

Ken Thomas is a research scholar on eye care and joined John Farmer, Leunig & farmer eyecare in 1990. As the second optometrist to finish the Ocular therapeutic course, he offers excellent contributions that include providing eye care services to Papua Guinea.

On the other hand, Markus Ochsenbein is also versed in eye care and offers help to patients, especially those suffering from low vision. He also took up interests in children’s eye care and behavioural optometry.

We are still open to more partnerships that will make contributions to our workshops.