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Eye Care

Our Eye Care Services

One of the purposes for which the Leunig & Farmer Eyecare clinic was formed was to provide adequate eye care services.

Eye care includes services such as eye testing, prevention, and treatment of eye diseases. We provide a deep eye examination and diagnosis report and eye problems treatment, including glasses fitting, lens customisation, and provision of various eyewear accessories.

At Leunig & Farmer Eyecare clinic, we also engage in sensitisation through public campaigns, eye education, and other health support.

The eye is one of the essential parts of the body, and any defect can affect the body’s whole functioning. The vision is excellent for a healthy and complete life, and therefore, eye care is essential.

When you approach us for eye care, we look at your eye carefully and run an examination. The diagnosis result determines the type of treatment we proffer.

The benefits of eye care include:

Early Eye Defects Detection

Frequent eye check-ups help you discover defects, if any, on time. The culture of regular eye check-ups ought to be encouraged like that of the body. It prevents the condition from worsening.

Low Risk of Developing Eye Diseases

Eye care involves preventive measures and may be evident in one’s day-to-day activities. Eye problems may arise from high cholesterol, increased sugar level, diabetes, diseases of internal organs such as liver, or high blood pressure, but can be prevented from safe practices or healthy eating habits.

Early Treatment

Early detection means early treatment. Ignorance of one’s condition may lead one to self-medication or treatment of other conditions.

Healthy Neuro-Functions

Healthy eyesight plays a vital role in brain functioning because of the connection between the eye organ and the brain.

Good Vision Improves General Performance

An eye defect may impair the body’s balance and proper functioning; for instance, it enhances athletic movements and generally improves driving skills and cognitive skills.

Furthermore, it is essential to consider certain eye defects and conditions, including dermatitis, lice, and Blepharitis. Blepharitis is a specific eye disease common among persons and has been attributed to the eyelid or bacterial infection’s inflammation. It appears in the form of red and fat eyelids, which may lead to loss of eyelashes. The signs and symptoms of eye diseases are itching, lids flaking, etc.

On the other hand, Lice is characterised by loss of eyelashes, red eyeballs, and thickened eyelids. This eye condition is associated with school children caused by an insect of the same name (lice).

More so, contact dermatitis symptoms are similar to the above but are usually by an allergic reaction from used products.

If you notice any changes in the normal functioning of your eye, kindly report to a clinic near you or send us a mail. We operate 24/7, and therefore, all emails are replied to within 24-48 hrs of receipt.

Our eye care unit consists of various specialists, which include ophthalmologists, opticians, and optometrists. Although their functions are closely associated, they are different in certain respects. For instance, an ophthalmologist is a doctor trained in school for eye and vision care, while optometrists do not go deep into eye care knowledge.

On the other hand, opticians merely deal with the recommendation of eyeglasses. Do you have any eye complaints? Kindly fill in the form below.