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Eye Health

Ensuring Eye Health

It is vital to keep the eye healthy like the body. Hence, there are general tips that ensure this, which include

Good Eating Habits

Foods contain nutrients that help the body to function properly well. Among these nutrients, some elements exist that can aid good vision, such as Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, vitamins C and E. Foods that contain these nutrients are green leafy vegetables, spinach, vegetables, etc.), oily fish, non-meat protein sources, Citrus fruits, etc.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is a risk factor for cataracts and may also cause damage to the optic nerve. When smoking has become an addiction and is hard to stop, you should try to stop the habits until it is finally successful.

Wear Sunshades

Sunshades, also known as Sunglasses, are protective eyewear that shields the face, especially the eyes, from the sunlight’s UV rays. It prevents the sun from shining into your eyes and affecting your vision consequently.

Wear Protective Eye Wears

Apart from sunshades, there are other eye wears and accessories that protect the eyes from hazards.

Avoid Extended Contact with a Computer Screen

Staring long at the computer screen or any other screen causes blurry vision, dizziness, headache, eyestrain, short-sightedness in some cases, etc. It is thus advisable to put on reading glasses before focusing on the screen.

Conduct Eye Check-Ups Frequently

Regular check-ups result in early detection of many eye diseases, if any, and consequently, early treatments.

In considering eye health, it is vital to discuss certain eye disorders such as refractive errors, which are usually corrected with glasses, contact lens or surgical procedures. They are


It is not a disease but a mere vision error. It is characterised by blurry vision, headaches, frequent distraction. Since it is not a severe eye defect, one can correct such with appropriate lens recommendations.


It is also called short-sightedness, and it means a person has difficulty seeing distant things. Hence, the most common form of an eye test is when you are asked to read what is on a board from a distance. It is associated with at least a quarter of the world population and can be corrected through lenses if early detected.


Hyperopia is the opposite of myopia, and it means long-sightedness. In this case, an individual can see from afar but cannot see objects close to him or her. It may be mild or severe, and the simple case of hyperopia is no problem because it can be corrected by proper eyeglasses prescription.


Presbyopia involves challenging vision at a person’s reading distance. However, it is a condition associated with adults in their 40s and 50s and sometimes attributed to ageing.


Eye strain can be avoided or reduced by wearing protective eye wears such as eyeglasses.

Yes, it can. Diabetes is associated with high sugar levels, leading to blurry vision, glaucoma, cataract, or other eye conditions.

Early detection of eye disorders aids quick treatments. Hence, regular eye tests should be imbibed as a culture.

You can take care of your eyes through healthy living, especially concerning an eating lifestyle.